Usamaru Furuya’s Amane Gymnasium Manga Gets New Project – News

New project details will be revealed on January 20

This year’s February issue of Kodansha‘s Morning two magazine announced last Wednesday that Usamaru Furuya‘s Amane Gymnasium manga will get a new project that will be revealed in the magazine’s next issue on January 20.

The manga centers on a doll maker named Amane Miyakata, as well as her seven ball-jointed dolls who are all themed around a gymnasium (used here in the German sense of a prep school, similar to The Heart of Thomas). One day, the dolls begin to move, and act out the setting laid out for them.

Furuya launched the manga in Morning two magazine in January 2017. The manga ended in August 2020. Kodansha published the manga’s seventh and final volume in September 2020.

The manga had a live-action project that began with Furuya and photographer Hirokazu Kobayashi launching a concept art book featuring photographs starring actors Shōhei Hashimoto and Hisanori Satō.

Furuya’s other manga works include Teiichi no Kuni, No Longer Human, 51 Ways to Save Her, Genkaku Picasso, and Lychee Light Club. North American publisher Vertical released the manga in April 2011. Furuya also drew the Bokura no Hikari Club (Our Light Club) prequel manga, which ended in 2012. The manga was published online for free in Ohta Publishing‘s PocoPoco web manga magazine. Furuya launched the ongoing Lunatic Circus manga in August 2020.

DC ComicsCMX Manga announced 51 Ways to Save Her, but did not release it before shutting down in 2010. Viz Media released Genkaku Picasso in English, and Vertical released Lychee Light Club and No Longer Human in English.

Source: Morning two February issue

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