The Rise And Fall Of Arkham Tower


We looked at the rapid rise and back-pedalling on the construction of Arkham Tower, the Arkham Asylum replacement in Gotham City, of late. How Detective Comics appeared to be behind the curve, maybe even with a different model of Arkham Tower to the rest of the Batbooks. Well, this Tuesday it appears they have caught up with the fully completed Arkham Tower in Detective Comics #1047. Spoilers ahead.

Interior preview page from Detective Comics #1047
Detective Comics #1047

Okay, no, no, that’s not what we meant, but nice intro to the issue.

Interior preview page from Detective Comics #1047
Detective Comics #1047

Okay, there we go, all spick and span, an Arkham iSylum, if you will. Arkham Tower looking the bees’ knees on day seven. With Mayor Nakano switching his hair back since last issue, and seeing Doctor Tobias Wear for the first time, accompanying Dr Chase Meridian. Will Doctor Ocean show up to join them?Interior preview page from Detective Comics #1047

But we also get to meet an inmate, Roy Dowd, or Nero XIX and his allies, who previously attacked the Mayor and kidnapped him before Batman saved the day.

The Rise And Fall Of Arkham Tower - And Is That Bernard Dowd's Dad?
Detective Comics #1043

Now feeling a lot better. Say… is Ray Dowd any relation to Bernard Dowd? You know, Tim Drake’s new boyfriend?

Interior preview page from Detective Comics #1047
Detective Comics #1047

This isn’t a coincidence is it? How many red-haired or strawberry blonde Dowds are there in Gotham?

Interior preview page from Detective Comics #1047
Detective Comics #1047

This is all in the preview of Detective Comics #1047 that Jude ran over the weekend, though he may have missed the fine points of Roy Dowd’s relationship to Bernard.

Damian Wayne Meets Jonathan Kent - And His New Boyfriend
Batman: Urban Legends #6

Yeah, that could get complicated fast. Because we also get to see what will be happening to Arkham Tower three weeks in…

Arkham Tower Rises - And Falls
Detective Comics #1047

It’s all looking very Judge Dredd again, isn’t it?

(W) Mariko Tamaki, Matthew Rosenberg (A) Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, Fernando Blanco (CA) Irvin Rodriguez
“The Tower” begins! The 12-part weekly Detective Comics event starts here. Arkham Asylum has fallen, and in its place, Arkham Tower has risen in the heart of the city, a pitch made by the mysterious Dr. Wear. Unlike the Asylum, Dr. Wear promises his methods and drug treatments will heal Gotham’s criminally inclined for good—a claim that skeptics like Deb Donovan and the Bat-Family don’t believe. There’s something wrong with the tower, with Dr. Wear’s methods—and with Batman away from Gotham City, the rest of the Bat-Family is going to find out what…but not before everything explodes. Written by critically acclaimed author Mariko Tamaki, continuing her incredible Detective Comics run, and drawn by DC Comics legend Ivan Reis! Backup: “House of Gotham” begins! For a long time two houses have overlooked Gotham City, beckoning its broken: Wayne Manor and Arkham Asylum. In this epic 12-part backup story, writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Fernando Blanco will explore the impact that Batman and Arkham Asylum have had on the city…through the eyes of a boy whose life was changed forever by The Joker one dreadful night early in the Dark Knight’s career!
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