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The Matrix Resurrections Writer Discusses Early Morpheus Plans


Regardless of your feelings about the fourth film in the Matrix franchise, The Matrix Resurrections (which had a lot of unique aspirations), there were clear ideas that went into creating this return. The relaunched sequel offered fans some form of follow-up to a somewhat unfinished story from the third chapter but still saw some changes that left questions.

One of the biggest (and most obvious) comes from the fate of Morpheus, which was explained, but still sparked curiosity on how that creative choice became a factor in the new story with resurrections being so important. In an interview with Gizmodo, the film’s co-writers David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon discussed the events leading up to the film that helped shape where this Matrix franchise was heading.

The Matrix Resurrections: 5 New International Character Posters
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Hemon explains the initial Morpheus switch-up and details, “A new Morpheus was there from the beginning. We knew that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss would be involved. Without them, this thing would not have been possible. But the other thing, during my brief career in the movies, I’ve learned that moviemaking, it’s a world of contingency. And so people might or might not, you know, sign on—or if they sign on, some things may change. So we did write some roles, I’m not going to give it away, but we wrote a character for someone we thought would play [it], and then it was not possible. And so still, we didn’t change anything radically, but we were just imagining this actor in the role. And then it turned out that it was not possible, but we didn’t change any lines with that. So that actor is still inscribed in the role.”

After getting to see that everyone had aged years beyond what Neo and Trinity had experienced made plenty of sense – but that doesn’t soften the blow that we were just shy of a reunion for the iconic trio. At least we have our happy ending for the ultimate Matrix love story!

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