Pokémon TCG Japan’s Star Birth Preview: Lumineon Alt Art


This week, the Pokémon TCG will release the next Japanese set, Star Birth, which kicks off 2022 with a Sinnoh focus. Star Birth will debut the VSTAR mechanic with cards featuring Charizard, Shaymin, Arceus, and Whimsicott. The set, the first major release of the year, will partly be the basis for the next English-language expansion, Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars which will be released in February 2022. We cover both English-language and Japanese-language releases here on Bleeding Cool, as the Japanese sets will give us a peek into the future of what is coming down the line for international releases. Today, let’s take a look at two of the first Secret Rares we get to see from Star Birth: the Lumineon V Alternate Art and Roseanne’s Back-up Full Art Trainer Supporter.

Star Birth cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Star Birth cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Lumineon may surprise folks as a Pokémon getting an Alternate Art, especially considering the ones not getting one in this set. Indeed, there is a small selection of Alts in Star Birth with the only Pokémon getting them being Charizard V, Lumineon V, Honchkrow V, and Arceus V. Shaymin, Raichu, Whimsicott, and Flygon all get Full Arts but not Alt Arts. To add to that, unlike Alternate Art VMAXes which appeared in previous sets, VSTARs (the replacement for VMAXes) don’t get any Alts in Star Birth. I personally love the Lumineon V Alternate Art for its underwater scenery and I always appreciate it when an underrated Pokémon gets an incredible card. For me, this is easily the set’s best Alternate Art after the stunning Charizard card.

As far as the Full Art Trainers, Roseanne’s Back-up is one of the strongest offerings in the set with solid art and a unique character focus. This card also gets a Rainbow Rare.

Stay tuned for more Pokémon TCG news daily right here at Bleeding Cool! You can follow our Star Birth coverage using our official tag for the set and our Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars coverage using this tag for the set.

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