Onsen Musume Project Replaces Runa Narumi With Sachika Misawa as Mikasa Sengokuhara’s Voice – News

The official Twitter account for Enbound, Inc.’s Onsen Musume (Hot Spring Girls) project announced on Thursday that Sachika Misawa will take the place of Runa Narumi as the voice of the character Mikasa Sengokuhara (pictured right). Narumi’s agency Stardust Promotion announced on Wednesday that she will retire from the entertainment industry at the end of the year.

Narumi had taken a hiatus from entertainment activities starting on October 15 due to her poor health. The website for the SoundOrion unit then announced a few days later that Narumi would no longer be part of the unit, stating that her activities had become “difficult.” The unit’s first album was also canceled “due to various reasons” and events related to the album’s release were also canceled.

Narumi voices the character Yuika Mitsumine in The [email protected] Shiny Colors franchise, and the official website for the franchise announced on Wednesday that the franchise will replace her voice in the game. Bandai Namco Entertainment will announce a new voice actress around next February and will replace her voice in the game starting around April.

Narumi also voiced the role of Aoi Nekogahora in Rebirth, the television anime adaptation of Bushiroad‘s Rebirth for you trading card game. She had minor roles in the Chidori RSC and Interspecies Reviewers anime.

The Onsen Musume idol project features hot spring guardian deities who form an idol group. Enbound first announced the project in 2016, and it has spawned manga, single CDs, and animated music videos. The Onsen Musume: Yunohana Collection smartphone game ended service on September 30, 2019.

Source: Onsen Musume Twitter via Otakomu

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