ManyDev Announces New Historical Simulator Title My Museum


Indie developer and publisher ManyDev Studio has announced their latest simulator title with the historical My Museum. If you’ve ever had the idea of going off and starting your own local museum of historical objects, well then, this is the game for you as you’ll be doing exactly that. Much like a lot of the House Flipper-type games, you’ll be opening up your own little museum in town, building the place up with improvements, and stocking the shelves and displays with items for people to pay to come check out so you can keep doing more of the same. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, just the reveal of it coming along with the trailer below for you to enjoy.

ManyDev Announces New Historical Simulator Title My Museum
Credit: ManyDev Studio

My Museum is a educational FPV simulator designed for fans of renovation, management and history buffs! You can find there astounding renovation mechanics, enhanced economy and loads of historical facts! Great fun for the whole family! In the game, you enter the role of the owner, art enthusiast, restorer of antiques, but also a businessman. Your first task will be to restore the museum that you inherited from your deceased grandfather, return it to glory and compete for the admiration of critics and visitors! Breathe new life into an old museum building, hire staff and manage the business, collect old and damaged artefacts, restore antiques and make them regain their shine, create the best exhibition, organise auctions and earn, and become the largest art institution.

This groundbreaking, cross genre title lets you become a STAR in the Museum industry. You will be facing tough managerial decisions, financial struggles, and a relentless crowd – always hungry for something new. Do you think you have what it takes to create the best exhibition in the country? Are you ready to get dirty, to find the most unique artefact on the market? Will you make HISTORY?

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