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John Cena Action Comedy Freelance Adds Alison Brie To Cast


John Cena is starring in an upcoming action comedy called Freelance, and we now know who will co-star. Alison Brie has signed on to the film, which will be directed by Taken’s Pierre Morel from a script by Jacob Lentz. AGC Studios, run by Stuart Ford, is making the film, which has Steve Richards of Endurance Media, Sentient’s Renee Tab, and Christopher Tuffin producing. John Cena plays an ex-soldier, and Brie is playing a journalist. The Hollywood Reporter had the news.

John Cena & Alison Brie Should Make For A Great Team

The film “centers on an ex-special forces operator who, desperate to escape his humdrum life, takes a job providing security for a journalist who is hoping to salvage her career by interviewing a dictator. Things go sideways when a military coup breaks out in the middle of the interview, and the mismatched duo, along with the dictator, escapes to the jungle where they must survive the military chasing them, animals hunting them and each other.” I love this pairing. John Cena is way funnier than people give him credit, and Brie is just all-around fantastic. I guess it will mostly hinge on who they get to play the dictator.

John Cena can currently be seen in the HBO Max series Peacemaker, which hit the streaming service this week. If you have not seen the opening credits yet, do so now. Alison Brie will next be in the romantic comedy Somebody I Used To Know, directed by Dave Franco. Production on this film is set for next month in Columbia. When they do cast the dictator, we will let you know. No release date for the action-comedy is known as of yet.

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