Final Fantasy Origin Reveals More In Livestream


Square Enix held a special livestream showing off more of their upcoming game Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.  The livestream was a bit of a celebration of the anniversary of the original Final Fantasy‘s release, so keeping in with the festivities, the team showed off new gameplay and cutscenes for the upcoming RPG which ties into the original game. This time around we got to see the connection between the two games and how things got to the way they are in the NES title. They have yet to make the livestream available to the public for replay (as of when we’re writing this), but you can check out screenshots below and a quote from developer Mistwalker’s CEO about the game. The game will be released on March 18th, 2022 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Reveals More In Livestream
Credit: Square Enix

“Garland, who is defeated at the beginning of the story, is reborn 2000 years in the past as Chaos where he continues to rule over darkness, but is once again bested by the Warriors of Light… I created this endless cycle in the story because it was the first game in the series, and even though it is a pixel art RPG, I thought that by giving the story such layers, it wouldn’t just be viewed as some kind of “toy,” and we could elevate it to an authentic form of entertainment. That was the reason behind this decision. I think the same can be said for the scene when the player crosses the northern bridge, and the title and opening story text are shown on screen,” said Hironobu Sakaguchi, CEO of  Mistwalker Corporation.

“The story of FF Origin is told through the eyes of Garland. It’s quite exciting to see this story depicted through the villain’s perspective. I’m interested to see what kind of emotional impact that the story of this game might have on players this time around. As far as what happens to Garland… People who played the original Final Fantasy already know his fate, but I hope people will find appreciation in how this title portrays him. So that’s what happened!? I’m almost in tears! These are the kinds of emotions I look forward to seeing from our players.”

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