Christian Ward Joins Jonathan Hickman On 3W3M Substack


Christian Ward is the latest comic book creator to join the Three Worlds Three Moons (3W3M) comic book shared universe created by Jonathan Hickman, Mike Huddleston, and Mike Del Mundo for publication on Substack. Alongside the likes of Ram V, Al Ewing, Tini Howard, Jason Howard, Stephen Green, and more. Ward is best known for ODY-C, Black Bolt, Invisible Kingdom, Ultimates2, Infinite Vacation and more. The Substack announced the news.

Yesterday we promised you some reveals on who would be drawing the next set of [SYSTEMS] Stories. So here’s the first one of those, and it’s a great one. Christian Ward is the highly acclaimed artist behind BLACK BOLT, ODY-C, and INVISIBLE KINGDOM. Here’s a taste of the incredible work he’s doing here, from his (stellar) layouts:

Christian Ward Joins Jonathan Hickman On 3W3M Substack
Christian Ward Joins Jonathan Hickman On 3W3M Substack

 Amazing, right? You can follow Christian on Instagram here. Christian’s working off designs by Huddleston, and we’ve got a great [PROCESS] post of his on the way as we get closer to this one. Also, as a head’s up: Christian’s story will be for paid subscribers only, so if you haven’t already…

They have also just published Al Ewing’s backmatter contribution to 3W3M. Or, at least, tried to. Apparently Substack can only mail out so much text, so they have had to divide it into two parts – and subscribers are told to expect more like that.

All right, so this is the Religion document that Al Ewing wrote for us. Both he and Tini wrote longer documents than Ram, and even without my comments both exceed the length we can email, so you’ll get half of Al’s document today, the rest tomorrow, and then all next week I’ll expand on what Al gave us (the same format will apply to Tini’s).

As usual, Al has done an excellent —- and thorough —- job. There’s A LOT of super cool stuff in here.

NOTE: This first section is really just Al working through everything. Sorting all his materials, deciding which tools to use, etc. I’ve left it in because it’s a look into how his head works — what his process is. Which in a lot of ways, is just as important as the final work, and kinda the point of this project.

Enjoy! -JH

Of all the Substack subscription comic book deliveries so far, 3W3M is probably ahead on her content, even if the number of actual comic book pages delivered is few. But given the quality of the contributors, so one really seems to mind…

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