Capcom Unveils New Dedicated Content Creator Program


Capcom revealed they are launching a brand new program as they unveiled Capcom Creators aimed at being a dedicated creator system. The company didn’t release a ton of information about the initiative as it has just barely been revealed and doesn’t appear to be fully set up at this time. But the gist of what it sounds like is that the company will be helping and rewarding members of the community who dabble in various forms of art and media related to their titles. Much the same way other companies have done with passionate fanbases. We’re guessing while this has been in the works for a minute, there was probably a major push after Resident Evil Village when everyone basically had something created, cosplayed, or in tribute to the nine-foot vampire, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu. You can check out more info below and join the program by visiting their website.

Capcom Unveils New Dedicated Content Creator Program
Credit: Capcom

This initiative celebrates and connects with the passionate community of fans who utilize Capcom’s iconic games from beloved brands such as Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Street Fighter to make videos, livestreams, fan art, cosplay, and more. Capcom aims to build deeper, ongoing relationships with creators through dedicated resources and incentives, in addition to spotlighting prominent and positive voices in the community. Capcom Creators members will be equipped with resources to help make content for Capcom’s deep library of award-winning and best-selling titles.

Creators will have access to tools such as regular newsletters highlighting the latest games and opportunities, as well as a dedicated private Discord server to connect with program managers and fellow creators. To help expand their online followings, members may have the benefit of seeing their work recognized and amplified on Capcom’s social and video channels. The program also offers the opportunity for creators to receive exclusive incentives that inspire their ongoing love and support of Capcom’s titles. In addition to tailored digital asset packs, members have the chance to receive care packages with special merchandise. They may also request codes for highly anticipated games they would like to create content for, including Capcom’s upcoming acclaimed action RPG, Monster Hunter Rise, releasing for PC on January 12th.

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