Ben Reilly’s Future Teased In Marvel Comics’ Timeless #1 (Spoilers)


“…while a son with no father finds a new home.” Today sees the publication of Marvel Comics Timeless #1, the big end-of-year volume that sets up much of what will be coming in upcoming Marvel Comics titles, in the manner that Marvel Now #1, Marvel Comics #100, and Incoming #1 in recent years did. And there are plenty of teases as to what is coming in Marvel Comics over the months to come. And Bleeding Cool will be breaking lots of them down with the Timeless tag today. Warning, there are spoilers.


That’s Ben Reilly, currently seen in the Beyond Spider-Man story arc. Peter Parker’s clone is getting a new series, Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #1. And from this teaser, we know that he’ll be moving to the West Coast. Dropping the Beyond Corporation for a Hollywood studio in Los Angeles? Is there much of a difference?

Teased In Marvel Comics' Timeless #1 (Spoilers)

The new series starting in January has Ben Reilly in New York, but by March he will be in battle with Peter Parker. Will that battle end with Ben Reilly crossing to the other side of the country to get away from Parker? What will he have done to earn that exile?

The Twilight Sword, Teased In Timeless #1 (Spoilers)

(W) Jed MacKay (A) Kev Walker, More (CA) Kael Ngu
A special year-ending adventure that gives portents as to what is to come in the Marvel Universe over the next twelve months! Kang the Conqueror is a warrior, a destroyer, a subjugator-but even he is subject to the whims and vicissitudes of time itself. So when a parallel timeline threatens to overwrite the future that Kang has fought so long and so hard to control, the master of the ages has no choice but to go to war with time itself, battling through days of tomorrow as he struggles to prevent the end of what is to come!
Featuring all the major players in the Marvel pantheon! RATED T In Shops: Dec 29, 2021 SRP: $5.99

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